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Firstcreate: 2001/02/18
Firstopen: 2001/02/21

The original concept of this section can be traced on the last century, by when I recieved interesting information from Rob Strangman, OPCFG.

Rob showed me a story of Gradius that he had been working on. His idea was great and interesting even though I find it difficult to read for my poor English, and I believe many people will be interested in his story too. Later I've got great pleasure to have the premission to put those information right here in GDOTI. (PS: This section should be done more earlier if not my poor management of time.)

Belows also include other fantastic ideas of Gradius stuff from other fans. As you may already noticed, they're information originally written in the Bulletin Board. I think this is a good idea to put them here. In this way, more people will able to read them as those in the Bulletin Board will be removed autmatically by sever after 60 days. Finally, please let me know your fantastic idea of Gradius if you've got any!

Rob Strangman



Darling Shampoo/Jeannette

The Ultimate Parodius Style Game for PS2

The Biggest Gradius Game Ever!!!

Cherie Shampoo Dyer

Other anime chars who wanna...

Anime/toon shows to have a Gradius x-ove