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Firstopen: 2001/02/21

Subject: The Ultimate Parodius Style Game for PS2
Writer: Darling Shampoo/Jean
Date: December 31, 2000

Note: Konami should take note of this.

Okay, here are da levels (each begins with a Sky Battle.)

1. South Park, Colorado
2. Land of Beer and Donuts (the Simpsonicus stage)
3. MegaTokyo (the Bubblegum Crisis stage)

Next three stages are Ranma 1/2 themed:

4. Jusenkyo Springs
5. Nekohanten
6. Tendo Dojo Hard Battle

Sailor Moon style Stages:

7. Inside Usagi Tsukino's Head (funny version of Gradius IV Cell Stage)
8. Mizuno Residence
9. Negaverse Prime (could Queen Beryl be the end boss?)
10. Setsuna Meiou's Warp Gate (Sailor Moon/Parody of G4 High Speed Stage)
11. Hotaru's Lava Lamp Shop (like Gradius 2's 1st stage, but with lots of fireflies and lava lamps)

(more levels soon. For now the first 11 bosses...)


1. Mecha Streisand
2. Q Core Brain (inspired by a certain Simpsons comic which depicted Project Q as (1) "Mr Burns's most capricious attempts at immortality" and (2) as a walking arachnid/cyberbrain. Tell Konami to make this boss nearly two screens long.
3. Genom II
4. Dangerous Ranma-chan
5. Contrary Jewel Core
6. Genma Prime
7. Resurrected Jeddite
8. Dream Dolly II
9. Resurrected Diva Queen Beryl (!)
10. Temporal Core
11. Mistress 9A

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