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Firstopen: 2001/02/21

Subject: The Biggest Gradius Game Ever!!! (Gradiu
Writer: DS/Jeannette
Date: January 13, 2001

First, da bosses:

1. Core Mark II
2. Crystal Core
3. (Star Trek style boss!) Borg Core (resembles a Borg Sphere)
4. Bubble Core Mark II
5. Belial
6. Rolling Core Mark II-Kasumi
7. Chibi Gofer
8. Planetoid Core
9. Chip Hazard And The Commando Elite (resembles the vehicle they used from Small Soldiers)
10. Odette-Cashan (first in Swan Princess themed bosses)
11. Zelda Core (two mode humanoid boss)
12. Forbidden Arts Core (another Swan Princess style boss)
13. Singularity Legionnaire Covered Tetranna
14. Core Mk. IV-Reika
15. Sister Gofer
16. Metal Odette-Cashan

any more ideas? Post here.

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