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We love Gradius | The Story | The Crew | Credit


KAY, President of KOS (
Hong Kong

This is me, the one who created and keep maintaining this web site. (^^;

Konami Man, Itsumo MSX user (

Konami Man is one of the organizers of the Barcelona MSX Users Meeting which is hold twice a year. He like all Konami MSX games, but Gradius ones are his favourites. He started to play these games in 1987 and he did not stop yet!

He made corrections for me and provided detail information on the MSX Gradius including the tips and hidden bonus stages in the games.

Fred Lipio (

Fred is the information provider of the Salamander movies.

Chuck Cochems (
United States of America

Chuck provided many of the overseas versions of Gradius.

T.Kawanishi (

Mr. Kawanishi is the tip & codes provider of certain Gradius titles.


Mr. IMO provided information on different original AC versions of Gradius, and many other extreme valued information.

Rob Strangman, OPCFG (
United States of America

Rob provided information on the official USA releases of Gradius, including the US instruction manuals.

United Kingdom

European Gradiuser and professional Sega Rally, F355 driver. Provided oversea information. Great help in promoting GDOTI. One of the VIP of GRADIUS ARMY.