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In the spring of 1998, this is the first time I get use of the internet. I started to browse around on the web, look for my favorite stuff. That is an exciting moment, better than I expected. I found many homepages I interested in but except Gradius.

By the time, I have no idea of building homepages. Actually I just know how to write e-mails and browsing web pages etc. One day, I reached the Fortune City by accident. This is where everything started. I got some idea of web hosting from Fortune City. I cannot wait to build my own web page.

Shortly, I found a 30 days trial homepage application in one of my CDs. This is a lucky discovery. The application is pretty outdate and elementary, but is of easy to use. I did testing with the images of Gradius II. That is the born of my first homepage. Also my first Gradius homepage.

There is no special topic to my Gradius page at the beginning, before I meet another one. I started to think, I named it Planet Gradius. Later I discovered from search engine that there is another Gradius page which is also named Planet Gradius. After that, I changed to use another title, the GDOTI, which I think that shouldn't be repeated by people. GD means Gradius, and OTI is the short for On The Internet.


Near the end of 1999, a major construction took place. The new look of GDOTI is created. I also start to think of a subtitle to GDOTI. I tried to use the name Gradius Spirit, later the Gradius Army which I think it is of better description with the web site. After this major construction, the number of visitors apparently increased a lot. And this is out of my expectation.


This is lucky I meet many Gradius players from around the world through the web site, since the earliest one. Most of them provide me positive comments and valued information. I even got noticed to Gradius releases which I didn't know the existence before. This is very exciting. I also got great pleasure in meeting famous people such as David Siller (from Capcom America) and many tough Japanese Gradius fighters including AHO-BAN, T.Kawanishi, taisell, IMO, ... etc. I keep my web site updated with as much information as I have on Gradius.

From time to time, I got noticed to many Gradius related items and information from other Gradius fans. This site wouldn't be as good as now without the help of these people. They are the crew of Gradius Army. I started to think of a name to descript them. Since these people are come from different places around the world, the international fan club should be of best description. And about the title of the fan club, I think Keep On Shooting is an idea name. Because we all know the legend of Gradius will never stop !

(June 27, 2000)