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Hi. Thank you for checking on this page! This is happy to know there are people would like to know about me, the person who build up this state-of-the-art (...?) web site. (^^ !


SVI Monitor .

One of our early and favorite Konami games.

A Little Words update periodically !
KAY's Weekly Game Record update anytime !
Journey of Dream depends on the order of God . . .

KAY is my real name and also the score name I have been used for more than a decade, since the first time of name entry in TV games. SUIDARG is something like a nickname which I started to use in recent years, after getting on the internet. This make up the word K.SUIDARG in short, which become the unique call title to me. (^^;

I live on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. I live with my family. I have 2 brothers. They are also game lovers and great players especially LAP(my younger brother) who is the driver of the world fastest 4WDs in AP DESERT of SEGA RALLY 2. Just about played for 1 month, he did the ultimate time of 4WD cars 2'41"945 by using Impreza WRC, while the Japanese (the most crazy game players in the world) need couples of months (more than half a year as I remember) later to have able to achieve the records of 41 seconds with 4WDs. By the time, our Racing Controller is failed to use and so didn't played much for a long time. And later, after we've brought the PC version of SRC2, he made the top ranking record again - 2'39"648 by using Kerolla WRC (also a 4WD) just played for about 60 minutes. (This is too bad that SEGA removed all the records made by Kerolla WRC from the Net-Ranking in the early of 2000) He love and very strong in RAC while my Gradius play time is a little bit longer. (^^)

I / We have been KONAMI fans since the very early of MSX system. The SVI computer (MSX compatible) is the first personal computer in my family. By the time, I were very young and without much game experiences (Before the SVI, I played the Atari in my uncle's house). I learned computer drawing on that computer. Later we brought some MSX games including THE GOONIES and KING'S VALLEY which are all belongs to my most favorite. My first contact to Gradius is on the Nintendo Family Computer (FC) platform - the FC GRADIUS. Later the FC SALAMANDER & GRADIUS II. By the time, I have no AC experience. So after I grow up, I collected and played back those AC titles.

There are currently over 10 consoles, 7 computers and several original arcade game boards in my family. But please don't think of me a rich person. Each of which is collected very very hardly, and they're all belongs to part of my life. Because of lack of space in our home, most of them were packed and stored aside. Now only the Saturn, Dreamcast and PlayStation2 are currently under major operation. We have an independent 21" monitor which support S.Video signal to run video games. The graphic is excellent (actually the most beautiful one I've ever saw). And together with SEGA's original Arcade control joystick, the Power Control System, the feeling is excellent especially playing games on SS. (^^) It is too bad that we cannot found any satisfactory (original) joystick for PS. So in PlayStation's GRADIUS GAIDEN and GRADIUS III&IV, I used the original PS joyspad to play and I always found the directions cannot be controlled smoothly. This also limited my technique in other shooting games on PS.

At last, I suggest you to visit my root homepage at K.SUIDARG's Web Pages.