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Journey of Dream


- March 31 2000 - April 26 2000 - September 6 2000 - November 11 2000 -

I experienced several times dreamed with Gradius while sleeping. Not all of them are recorded especially the earliest ones which are not clear in detail. The most early one I can remember is in about 1997. It was very blur. A Gradius machine, a game centre, a seat, I were playing, and nothing more than that.

Later, very soon after my first contact to GRADIUS IV, I had a very clear dream of Gradius which never happened before. I cannot allow myself to let it go with time. I wrote it down immediately and posted it on the Forum to make sure I wouldn't lost it.

All I mentioned are really what (and I can still remember after awake) I dreamed while sleeping. Not and without any imagination.

Newadded: 2000/11/11

Envirnoment is dim, silent and scary. It feel like not on earth.

Two building. we're in the right one, at the top floor. A narrow bridge linked to the left building, but there is haunted and with many doors closed. Several to ten people, playing a Gradius III like game. Somehow I took snapshots from within the game. I loaded my game which beat to the 3th loop by 1 life, show demostration to people. The final stage. First part is cell like, than volcano with curved (not flat) landform to the ground. Then several parts I forgot. Screen detail is look Gradius IV, realistic like. Vic Viper is small, in compare with that, the dimension of background looks very large. Spread Bomb type I am using. Options width is large, but should be not much Speed Up. A PS control pad should be. I press "up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-Y" to skip to the next snapshot position. I didn't try my best, I crashed life in many positions in the game. Final I skip to the final part, very similar to the final section of final stage of G3. Cell wall I see in the first. Screen roll is fast. I crashed in the first time. Next time I passed it. Gofer is very difficult but I am well managed with it. I should able to destroy it. But then the dream ends here.

November 11 2000


This one is short.

A game set on my bed, playing Gradius IV in hi-score try mode, somehow Vic Viper is non-death. First stage boss looks like a combination of Rolling Core and Shining Core. Second stage is Plant, Vic Viper not crashed when touching the plant. Then I discovered the non-death situation. Finally I should meet the boss. Next I forgot.

September 6 2000

Dreams of Gradius, continuing...

Today (2000/04/26) I dreamed about Gradius again. This one is very short and not clear in details. This is all about Gradius II on a big screen. The screen maybe as big as big the movie projector in a cinema. Actually I don't have any impression outside the screen. Maybe there is no screen at all. The game envirnoment is totally large or just like this is really happening somewhere outside the space!

This is silent, in the space. The view is at side shot, just like the game. But the objects are realistic and very large in scale. The rolling speed is slow. Vic Viper needs a long time to pass through a burning Sun. The gap between two Suns is very small, the scale of the Suns are really large. I can hear some sound of wind when Vic Viper is passing aside some flame. Some space winds in the background. I don't see a boss in the first stage/scene, actaully there is no clear things separating the first and the second scene. The second scene is synthetic life or alien life, like the game. At the beginning, Vic Viper go up into an alien cave, very large dimension again and the mood is like the one in the movie. After that (very soon) the scene is like the one near the end of 2nd stage of the GraII, but happening in real.

The envirnoment is very realistic, not 3D graphic. The dimension is large and the rolling speed is slow. It feels like the Vic Viper is exploring new places in the universe. The feeling is very movie like.

It has been 3 days from my last played game title, Gradius Gaiden on Playstation, before this dream. Again, this dream has color. And with some sound of nature.

Before this dream, about weeks ago, I dreamed with Gradius III but that one is very blur. I said "III" because I remember the plane is slim. And the weapon, Spread Bomb, is like the one in "III". The stage is similar to the the original game and I remember quit clearly that the screen rolling is like zip zap, from the top to the bottom. That is the screen rolled to the right end, move a little bit download, then roll to the left. This kind of screen rolling repeated several times. I remember this quite clearly because this is strange that the screen sometimes roll in the opposite direction (going from the right to the left), and the plane is always facing to the right. That stage need a very long time to pass through. That is the scene of the 3rd stage - A Way Out Of Difficulty. Oh I remember a little bit more just right now. The boss is Gofer like. No background (black). It is large. It is centered in the sceen. It will move to the left hand side of the screen then appear from the right.

April 26 2000

This morning I have a dream about GRADIUS IV...

In the dream, I went into a convience store as usual for lunch. I were a student. The school is seems to be near. I were not in uniform, normal clothes maybe. The environment is dark or dim. The store is not big. About two rows with stiff on both sides. Several people sit at a corner table, eating something. I went to the end of the other column as usual. The direction is face to the entrance. A table or something in front of me. I were sitting. A big television there. After I finished my lunch, actually I forgot I had ate or not, I try to turn on the GraIV as usual but I found the board is not connected. On my right hand side there are several boards, maybe 3-4, I don't know the others but on top is the GraIV. They are stored in papers made boxes, rectangle in shape, just like the keyboard boxes. I don't know how but I connected the GraIV. But a cable is missing, a data bus cable. The storekeeper, she is a woman, show me the cable. It is inside the drawer. I turned on the game. It appeared the Power Meter Select mode. But the screen is seems a little bit dim in color. I try to look for a button to adjust the brightness. I pressed a wrong a button. The screen is turned into grayness. I asked the storekeeper for help. Somehow I found the correct button, or something happened but I don't remember good, then the screen display is normal. I looked at the clock hang on the wall. It was almost two o'clock. At the time I young boy came. He seems like playing GraIV also. He stand aside. I started the game. I can remember clearly the Power Meter Select screen. I choiced the Type.2A set, the Spread Bomb set. The enemy, stage, difficulty and actually the whole game is abnormal. I crashed at the very early of the power up zone. In the next plane I didn't. The resolution is seems low. Every object is big. The first stage is something similar to the Plant Stage. But everything is cell. The touch judgment of the enemy is very reckless. The game is over very soon. The next credit, I don't remember inserted any coins, I choiced the Type.4A set, the Vertical Mine set. The enemy in the power up zone is very large. The first one in the queue were aliens, very big in shape, they cannot be destroyed. The game also ended very soon. The boy talked with me. He said there are GraIV machines in many places including the Cyber City(Hongkong people will know, a name of game centre). I noticed from the clock it was almost three o'clock. Then the boy tried to play. After the weapon select, the screen changed. But it was just not a Gradius game. There was a tank, a 3D game, located in a bettle field, at night, silent. The camera view is in the sky, look down to the tank.The tank moved. Very soon a dog came out the tank. The dog run upstairs. The camera view is in front of it, still in the sky. There's wall on one side. The other side is a building with windows, not glassed. A very old building, it's dark. The dog stopped, it jumped into one of the windows. At the time I woke up.

This is not the first time I dreamed about Gradius. The first time was very long time ago and it was not a clear dream. While this one is quite clear. I can remember many details. Some people say dreams have two types. With color and without color. This one is with color. And the moment after woke up is quite peaceful. At least not feel scared.

This is not the first time I have dreamed with games topic. Before, I have dreamed with DAYTONA USA and SEGA RALLY. They are also my favorite. This dream is pretty strange because, before this dream, I didn't played any of the Gradius games for a week. And I didn't think of Gradius before sleep. Actually I were very busy in doing a freelance job in this week and I didn't really sleeped for several days (+_+~. Yesterday night is the night I can have enough sleeping.

Some people say that dreams have prediction. About this one? I don't know. Or I think the most possible meaning is no meaning. Anyone know how to read a dream? Please would you tell me if you know the meaning of this one. And do you also ever have dreams with Gradius?

March 31 2000