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Full Weapon

Press START button to pause the game and then enter UP - UP - DOWN - DOWN - L - R - L - R - B - A

The number of times you can use this code equals to the number of stages you have finished plus one.

Arcade Difficulty

At the Option Mode, highlight Game Level and press button A rapidly. The word "Arcade" will appears if your rate is fast enough (normally will appear within several seconds).

Increase Credit

At the title screen, press button X rapidly. Each ten presses can increase one credit. Beware that any extra credit(s) will gone together with title screen.

Bonus Stage

There are bonus stages in levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Most bonus stages require that you meet some condition and then fly into a seemingly solid area to enter the bonus area.

The information about the bonus stages are extracted directly from somewhere on the internet. Sorry but I really forget this is taken from where and writen from who, because it was very long time ago. Please let me know if 'you' are the writer, so I can put your name here. And of course 'you' preserve the right for this information to be published here or not.

•Level 2 (condition: none)
In the second level before you reach the leader, there are two holes, one up and one down. A slightly different color enemy should come out of the bottom. Shoot him then go in the hole as fast as you can, if you do it right, you will be in a bonus level. (by Joel Welsh)

•Level 3 (condition: must have destroyed all of the guns on the ground)
Fly up close to the low rock ceiling toward the end of the level right before the last "mountain".

•Level 4 (condition: must have no power-up boxes lit at bottom of screen)
Fly into the back of the Moai head located in the middle of 3 heads toward the end of the level. This particular head will be facing away from you and all 3 heads are upright.

•Level 5 (condition: unknown)
Fly through the fire at the corner of the inverted volcano just before the small passage which leads to the 2-headed fire dragon.

•Level 7 (condition: unknown)
Fly through low corner just after the 4 turrets where your ship would normally have to cut diagonally upward.

For the exact positions of the bonus stage entrances wth screen shots. Visit this page. (HP of Mr. Taisell, Japan)

Arcade Demo (found on the web)

Press and hold button A at the title screen. You will then see the intro, title, and finally the demo in Arcade Mode.

Auto Weapon (found on the web)

At the Edit Mode of weapon selection screen, enter X - Y - X - X - Y - Y - X - Y

More Ship (found on the web)

At the title screen, press and hold LEFT and then enter A - A - A - START. Your game will start with 29 ships.

Expand Option

With either the F.OPTION or R.OPTION, after you equipped 4 Options with you, get 5 more powers to highlight the OPTION box and hold down the power up button. The Options will distribute more separately (more effectively).

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