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Lastupdate: 2000/09/27

This section is totally the effort of Fred Lipio (from Philippines) because all the information showed up here are provided and extracted directly from him. I'm very happy to have Fred's premission to place those information here. I think many people will also be interested in the movies of Gradius. Thanks Fred !

The URL location of the above Salamander video cover (the one to the left) is provided by Quaid (from Canada).

Another rare pic from the Salamander movie (the one to the right) is given by Yougurata (the LifeForce2) from Brazil.

At this moment, I feel very sorry because Fred did sent me these information long before (early this year) this section is created and showed to people. This is late because I always want to add graphic or screen shot etc. into this section to make it looks better, I hope. Unfortunately I can only do this while I got my MO disk drive (repairing) back because I stored all the Gradius stuff in a MO disk. Though I still didn't get the MO drive back yet but I cannot wait to update the pages. So this is done.

Introduction to the movies

#1 Salamander I

#2 Salamander II

#3 Salamander III: Gofers' Ambition

Introduction to the movies

The movies were shown on star movies mandarin about a week ago and i think its a konami special vid.

There are 3 gradius movies and the stories and places are related to the themes and stories of gradius, salamander and gradius 2 respectively(it help clear out the story but its in Jap and i can't understand Jap...)

- The guy on the action pose on top of the Vic Viper is Dan, the main character, sort of a leader hotshot but sentimental.

- The girl on the cover is Stephanie, the leading lady. A beauty and one hell of a pilot!

- The other guy w/ blue hair is Eddie, Dan's counterpart, a quiet Ace who has some secrets..

- The blonde guy is the Prince of the British on the planet Lotus, although I can't get the name, sort of a dignified flying regular.

- The salamander has a human form called Paula(not in the pic and appears in human at movies 1 and 3)

- The 3 pilots from the Gradius defense force(that's right!! Gradius is a planet...what a surprise)all fly the vipers but only different types(as in Gradius II)the prince has a viper looking ship, a twin-seater, double laser viper, although the second seat doesn't serve a useful purpose...

- The moais are called "obelisks" and hold a mysterious power beneficial to planets and the salamander.

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Salamander I

This is the first movie and i can't understand Japanese so this is like the frame work of the movie to my memory(there may be mistakes)...

Out in space, a ship has sighted an enormous piece of wreckage...

3 personnel are ordered to investigate it right away. The 3 are anxious to go t here, and the arrival goes as planned.

They see stacked capsules like beds with humanoid bodies and decayed, alien-look ing faces, after a few shocks and discoveries, they stumble upon a complete human woman in suspended animation. beside it, a recorded message is played relaying history and events on their planet and info regarding planetary invaders called " bacteria". The message is then relayed and seen to the Gradius officials, and th ey speak of their actions and plans against these "bacteria".

The 3 pilots, Dan, Stephanie and Eddie are thinking of the defence force's plans and effects of this. Then, they show a camera to see the humanoid they found on the wreck meditating. She has identified herself earlier on the video message a s Paula, the sole survivor of the planet invaded by the bacteria.

Eddie thinks that She can help against the bacteria threat, while Dan thinks oth erwise and rejects the idea in an arrogant tone, this leads to a heated argument between the two until it is broken up by stephanie, who in turn is shocked by eve nts and memories and their attitiude and she and Eddie leave for their rooms. Eddie speaks to Paula afterwards and tries to get her help, although the 2 are l ike showing interests in each other....

The 3 are recalled to the ship and are asked to investigat a strange planet or m eteor, whatever round, big thingie and investigate(thru flybys and searches)it fo r any strange onjects or possibly, bacteria invaders..

The planet looks orange on the surface and then suddenly, they're being attacked by these long flying arms on clumpy thingies...they attack and flyby a lot then they pull up, a lump on the surface appears and then the boss of the first stage attacks them but they are able to escape, just as they are going away, Dan takes a clear look and recognizes distinct features on the planet that has been overrun by the bacteria.

They report this to the ship, and they decide to order an assault on the planet.

Hordes of ships from either side confront each other and attack, in the fray the 3 pilots clearly stand out and they help their side but later are forced to retr eat thru sheer numbers of the enemy.

Before the next wave is launched, Eddie asks to be excused for leave. Dan and S tephanie insists on him staying but he goes anyway to the planet. He goes back t o Paula and they talk until Paula senses something and asks to be taken to the de sert. Eddie flys Paula there and she gets shocked by the appearance of an obelis k(the moai statues) in the middle of the desert. They land, and walk thru a sand storm which rips a bit of her sleeve discreetly and shows some scales tempoaraily . she says something and the obelisks' mouth opens and a ring of energy jumps out , spins on the ground and hits Paula. Eddie screams her name and asks if she's a lright, she says something like "get out of here" and the reply is sort of a "no way" another rings jumps, spins and hits paula. Eddie jumps in his ship and bla sts the obelisk. Eddie begins to suspect something weird and asks Paula, right t hen Paula shows her motives of destroying Eddie and the planet Gradius and turns into the salamander(fire dragon) and gets out of there. Eddie collapses in disbe lief...

As the second wave heads to the planet, Stephanie hears a voice(even earlier in the first encounter) and thinks its her father and is telling her to go to a loca tion, and she unwillingly follows, Dan follows her and the commander gets hot-tem perd about it.

As they head toward a tunnel they see this big brain with electric bolts connect ing it to the walls. The brain is speaking to Stephanie and its her fathers' voi ce...after some talk and a few scene switches to the losing second wave, the brai n decides to attack and they dodge the lasers, Dan attacks and destroys the brain , While Stepahie hears her fathers voice screaming...

After that the planet explodes and Dan and Stephanie have a little talk.

Ending: Planet Gradius in center
Closing song: I Remember You


Bacteria or bacterians to be more exact.

The ending screen(while the closing song is playing) is the whole layout of the last gradius stage.

The prince of the British is more like Prince British, Lord of Lotus or Lord Bri tish.

HE pilots a red viper with twin guns and forward swept canards.

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Salamander II

2nd movie, based on the game's a bit vague cause i can't understand Japanese.

On the planet Lotus, all is well. The reigning lord, prince British, thinks of building a shrine or temple. next day, as the generals and escorts prepare for t he lord, the sun dies out, and is replaced by a burning, orange planet which engu lfs the planet in light and causes havoc with the weather.

The prince, in hsi throne (Lord British), consults his advisor, an old, twin hor ned being. He identifies the planet as an inorganic star run by the invaders cal led bacterians, as told in the prophecy and seals of the planet. The weather wor sens. then a big serpent moves chaotically around magma.

On the planet Lotus, t he land shakes apart, sea floods and total chaos reigns on the planet which almos t wipes everything off the city, while the palace is terribly shaken.

In anothe r meeting, the elder consults the Lord to get help from their rival planet, Gradi us. The prince rejects the idea but gives in anyway. Soon, the 3 pilots arrive.

After a brief intro they go straight to a chamber which has a view to a somethi ng. The floor goes down and is replaced from above, one of the organic fighter a t the bacterians' disposal. The prince thinks of this enemy as a piece of cake, but Dan thinks otherwise. He moves a robotic arm in front, and in an instant the tails grab it and summarily wrenches it to destruction. they then leave the roo m to get ready. Dan and Stephanie survey the entrance on a vid screen ( on it sh owing the layout of the first stage.) and plans are made. It is said that they h ave sent a squad to survey. Dan and Stephanie are shocked and that they understi mate the Bacterians and the pilots are on the way to their deaths. The squadron leave, the enter the hole and we see the pink things appearing from the walls, th e the spikes, the this orange circle wich shoots out strands and the it ends..

Dan, Lord British, and Stephanie talk about something and then realize where is Ed die? Eddie survey the damage and the sits on a fallen pillar, he then sees somet hing, which turns out to be a gun holster with a pistol. He thinks he remembers it, something about his father. He then look at his pendant, opens it.

There is a sun engraved inside the pendant, with a picture of a dragon on it (the fire tra il on the salamander game, opening screen). he then look at the buildings and se es half complete replicas of it, or is the pendant the replica itself? the elder then arrives and they talk about his father being known by the elder and about d estiny and stuff.

As Dan and Stephanie get ready to leave, Eddie is not around, the who will be their third?, The Lord says:"I can fly" the the ships are readied and there they go, the quickly pass all before and before the strands shoot out they destroy it. then they travel thru a void, then they see hordes of ships und er a skeleton, they blast some ships and loop above the skeleton where they quick ly kill this big skull boss. They quickly arrive to a magma chamber and resume f ighting with the Salamander. It proves to be a tough enemy, the as Stephanie is about to get hit, a salvo of missiles distracts and stuns the salamander, and as they turn around to see who it is it's eddie!, the 3 kill this red eye thing and he fires missiles at the salamander and enters its mouth, firing missiles, down a nd down till he gets crushed inside. then with the explosion, the salamander fal ls dead? to the magma, just as they kill the red thing and escape, looking back a nd shouting "Eddie" apparently mourning for the loss of their comrade.

Back down Lord British and Stephanie are talking, and Dan decides to leave her(L ord British is apparently hitting on her). Dan then launches off into space, the before he jumps, a dot catches up with him, and it's Stephaine, and they go home together.

Lord British sees his elders and sees the gun holster, and asks it to be display ed and kept as a memory of a hero of bothe planets....

Ending screen : Dan and Stephanie leaving off
Ending song : I remember You

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Salamander Advanced Saga:
Gofer's Ambition

The storyline may be a bit vague cause i can't understand Jap, but a bit of chine se as there's subtitling. And there may be mistakes in the storylines i made, sorry for the inconvenience.

A ship surveys a star, as the captains orders to go closer and do checks, as the y go on their way, a crewman sights an anomaly on radar, a vortex of some sorts. Everyone buckles in as he maneuvers the ship and the ship fires retro rockets, b ut to no avail. Energy is draining and they are sucked into the star...

The Ruler of Lotus, Lord British decides to pay a visit to Gradius(or Gladius) a nd meets up with Stephanie. He offers her a beautiful robe and takes her to a se cluded park or villa place(and obviously Dan tags along and leans behind a tree o ut of sight...)As the prince starts talking flowery words, Dan comments on each o f them(apparently there's a joke but i can't understand) then suddenly the sky gl ows red/orange, and the salamander appears, whacks the breath out of Lord British and grabs Stephanie, and goes back to whence it came from, They both look at the sky or ground or to each other, shock or stunned(they did all three "looks").

Stephanie then ends up in a place and she can't move, stuck to a hammock thing(looks like cheese)She talk to Paula who introduces her to Gofer, a grotesque face suspennded by muclses and stuff and leader of the Bacterians. As some appendages lower to her, she goes into a series of flashbacks(her family, places, and she w akes and shouts for Dan).

Dan and Lord British plan for their attack, they see the movies of the ship bein g sucked in and as plans are made, they talk a bit about Stephanie.(i think, i ma y be wrong)

As the attack begins, the armies of Gradius and Lotus combine and they launch, j ust at the same time, the ship that got sucked in reappears and launches the bact erians' own fighters, as hit are exchanged, it seems that the armies of the 2 pla nets are overpowered, Dan and British sneak by and enter the ship, they see landi ng pads and a hole in one, the go through the hole to a lower level. The fighter s retuurn, a fighter lands in the holed pad and its appendages nearly touch Dan's ship. The ship returns. Paula the decides to meditate and turns into crystal, the ship also turns into crystal and Dan and British slam flat onto the floor, hu rting their arses, they then lift-off to look for Stephanie.

Stephanie is in a dream, she then is on ac "ice platform" She sees how bacteria ns are produced and hears the voice of her mom and out comes a crystal hand(smoot h), just as she is about to touch it, she wakes up and sees Dan and British cutting her free using the laseres. She's free and rips off her cape to remove the ch eese thing, her long skirt get snagged by a crystal and she rips it and becomes s hort-skirted again.

She first meets Dan and gives him a slap, then goes off to ride with the prince. They then careen to a tunnel with these hands and blast their way through,they talk for a little and the Priunce leads the way just as a big eye thing comes out . He starts shooting at i and comes closer and closer until just as he's about t o crash, the eye vanishes and they continue.

The salamander comes to the place where Stephanie was held and finds her not the re, She then goes and unites with Gofer, creating a fire phoenix.

As the pilot go forward, they encounter a place with a hell lot of platforms and guns, they go about blasting guns and platforms and out warps a big sandwich of ice and from the sides out comes salamander, they kill em all and the phoenix sha tters the ice.

The pilots fight with the bird and encounter some close-calls. Just as Prince h as avoided a crash, Stephanie offers to pilot, the prince hesitates and just give s in afterwards. What continues is a series of perfectly executed attacks and af ter a while they finish the bird with spread bombs. The ice vanishes and exposes planet Gradius.

Just as the prince is about to leave, the prince tries one more time but fails, and makes his cloak-flying move and goes off. Dan jokes Stephanie about the princ e and gets another slap.

In space the escorts ask why not get Stephanie to be his bride, Theres' another joke and the funny face by the escorts...

Closing screen : The princes ship going off
Closing song : I Remember You

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