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Lastupdate: 2000/06/13

Game Information

(C) KONAMI 1986
Release: 1989/07/06
Platform: Arcade
Storage: ROM
Play Select: 1-2 Players (simultaneously)
Continue: Yes (not available in final stage)

Power Units: Speed Up, Missile, Multiple, Laser, Ripple Laser, Shield
Maximum level of Missile: 1
Maximum level of Multiple: 4
Maximum level of Laser: 1
Maximum level of Ripple Laser: 1
Maximum level of Shield: 1

Total no. of stage: 6

Game Ranking

Game Play:
Background Music:
Sound Effect:


Stage 1: Bionic Germ (side)
Stage 2: Meteorite Space (up)
Stage 3: Burning Chaos (side)
Stage 4: Volcano (up)
Stage 5: Asteroid Hell (side)
Stage 6: Fortress Zone (up)


I only saw this game once in game centre, by the time I played it a couple of times.The first impression is quite easy to play because you can obtain many power units including Shield at the beginning of the game. You can even equipped with full weapons just within the first stage. It was pretty surpising and interesting because Arcade games are usually very hard to play. (^^)

One thing strange is that I remember the title of the game I played is neither the Japanese nor English of SALAMANDER. It was an English name but just something else(I forgot...). It shouldn't be the US version LIFE FORCE either because as I know, from the Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus, LIFE FORCE obtain powers to upgrade weapons like Gradius. Besides, many things in LIFE FORCE are different from SALAMANDER.

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