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This section is all about the effort of Rob Strangman, OPCFG (from USA) because all information included here are provided by (and extracted directly from) him, the official USA releases and the US instruction manuals of Gradius. Thanks Rob !

Firstcreate: 2000/07/02
Lastupdate: 2000/07/04 (Life Force manual)
Lastupdate: 2000/08/06 (All manuals)
Lastupdate: 2000/12/13 (Gradius III and IV)


Year Platform Title Manual
1986 Arcade Gradius
1987 Nintendo Entertainment System Gradius
1988 Arcade Life Force
1988 Nintendo Entertainment System Life Force
1989 Nintendo Gameboy Nemesis
1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Gradius III
1992 Nintendo Gameboy Gradius: The Interstellar Assault
1998 Arcade Solar Assault Gradius
2000 Sony PlayStation 2 Gradius III and IV

Rob: That's it, we never got any other Gradius games - officially. We never got the Salamander games (just Life Force), or any Parodius games - we didn't even get any of the Twinbee games, except for Twinbee 2, which Konami of America renamed Stinger (it came out for the NES in 1987).