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A Little Word - Monday, 1 January 2001

Time is running so fast that the legendary 20th century has become history by today. Too many answers of questions still unknown to people up to this moment. Where is our destiny in the universe? Will it be possible for us to travel in the speed of light? Even in doing so, it needs about 50,000,000 light years to travel from Earth to Virgo, my star of origin.

Yes, I noticed about the distant of Virgo by accident in library, about half a year after I got the score of 50,000,000 pts in GRADIUS II. What a surprise by knowing this. My score is the same as the distant of my star of origin!

Years ago, many people believe flying discs exist only in scientific fiction. Today, many people believe the existence of flying discs and aliens in real. Do you? What do I think? First of all, human is alien. And I believe one day, we will meet our friends(and/or enemies?) face to face from the other side of the galaxy. But, it is still a long way to go isn't it?

Mystery of the universe is seems a long term topic which will possibly last for millennia years or longer. Let's talk about something close. When will I recieve the prizes of the official GRADIUS III & IV Internet Ranking Contest? Hopefully, I believe/wish this is a question which can be answered soon.

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