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This is an unofficial web site. All materials contained in this site are for private, personal viewing purposes only. All Gradius stuff are the properties of Konami Co., Ltd. KONAMI reserved all the copyrights, trademarks and other industrial property rights with respect to this game. All images, logo and other copyrighted materials are the properties of their respected owners.

GDOTI's Detail Menu - Your Guide in Viewing This Homepage Lv. English
MAIN : The suggested first page of visit HIT! S GO!!
NET-RANKING : The permanent ranking of Gradius UPDATE! S GO!!
FORUM : A combination of guest book and forum LIVE! A GO!!
BULLETIN BOARD : An idea place for detail discussion LIVE! A GO!!
CHAT SECTION : The place for real time chatting LIVE! A GO!!
HISTORY : An overall review to the releases of Gradius A GO!!
GRADIUS : The first generation of Gradius since 80's B GO!!
SALAMANDER : The one has instant power up and support 2 Players C GO!!
GRADIUS II : The most hit & classic with best performance in BGM & SE B GO!!
GRADIUS III : The legend of firedragon continues B GO!!
PARODIUS : The parody of Gradius D GO!!
SALAMANDER 2 : A new beginning in the last 90's C GO!!
GRADIUS GAIDEN : A grand new style enhanced with 3D technology B GO!!
GRADIUS IV : The legend is back after 10 years B GO!!
TIP & CODES : Secret codes, hidden stages and special mode of Gradius A GO!!
STRATEGY : The tactics to fight against the amoeboid bacterian HIT! S GO!!
CG ANIMATION : The great Computer Graphic Animation screens C GO!!
DOWNLOAD : Provide you the movie clips of Gradius E GO!!
FANSWORK : Fantastic ideas of fans A GO!!
US VERSION : The America releases of Gradius C GO!!
OVERSEA VER. : Oversea releases of Gradius C GO!!
THE MOVIES : The story of Gradius on films D GO!!
WALLPAPER : Desktop picture for computers A GO!!
SOUND TRACK : The beautiful sounds of Gradius ? GO!!
KEEP ON SHOOTIN' : The international Gradius fan club[?] UPDATE! A GO!!
LINKS : Friendly web sites of Gradius B GO!!
E-MAIL : Welcome for any question, comment or information E GO!!
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