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Lastupdate: 2000/06/13

Game Information

(C) KONAMI 1985, 1996
Release: 1996/03/29
Platform: Sega Saturn
Storage: CD-ROM
Play Select: 1-2 Players
Game Code: VS033-J1, T-9509G
Barcode: T4988602022247
Price: 5,800 Yen (Gradius Deluxe Pack)

Powerup Gauge: Speed Up | Missile | Double | Laser | Option | ?
Maximum level of Speed Up: 5
Maximum level of Missile: 1
Maximum level of Double: 1
Maximum level of Laser: 1
Maximum level of Option: 4
Maximum level of Shield: 1

Total number of stage: 7
Bonus: At 30000 PTS
HI: 57300 H.M

Game Ranking

Game Play:
Background Music:
Sound Effect:

Screen Shot



Stage 1: Volcano
Stage 2: Stone Henge
Stage 3: Moai
Stage 4: Invert Volcano
Stage 5: Tentacle
Stage 6: Cell
Stage 7: Base


This is the most Arcade like home version of Gradius. Actually this version should has over 99.9% as close as the original AC version. For those of you GRADIUS fans, just don't miss it!

Though Gradius Deluxe Pack is available for both the Saturn and Playstation system, I prefer to play this game on Saturn. This is because the loading time is seems a little bit faster in Saturn. The most important thing is, the control in Saturn is much better. I'm saying the Sega City's Power Control System - the original Arcade joystick. (^^)

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