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Lastupdate: 2000/06/13

Game Information

(C) KONAMI 1987
Release: 1987/08/22
Platform: MSX
Storage: ROM Cartridge
Play Select: 1-2 Players
Music: Sound Custom Chip in MegaROM
Game Code: RC751
Price: 5,800 Yen

Powerup Gauge: Speed Up | Missile | Double | Laser | Option | ?
Maximum level of Missile: 2
Maximum level of Double: 1
Maximum level of Laser: 2
Maximum level of Option: 2
Maximum level of Shield: 1

Secret Weapon: This game has much more weapons than above, but you must get it from the final bosses.

Game Ranking

Game Play:
Background Music:
Sound Effect:

Screen Shot



Beware that the title of this version of Gradius is called GRADIUS 2. I put this game in the GRADIUS section because it seems more like to be an advanced version of GRADIUS, but not the continuing episode(II). Actually it's very hard to define though. The game itself didn't showed any characteriztic of GRADIUS II, such as the Power Meter Select and the classical Burning Heart stage etc. Though some people may not agree with that, I hope this arrangment is suitable and help defining the GRADIUS & GRADIUS II series more clearly.


I didn't played it much. The first impression is the game style. It is quite different from other Gradius games. The stages, enemies and bosses are all new faces and it has some special weapons too. Quite interesting to play and the control is very smooth also. This should be the most special and interesting version of Gradius on MSX system.

Actaully I didn't played any of the Gradius games on MSX system. I play those MSX Gradius on Playstation's Konami Antique MSX Collections. My family did own a SVI 728 computer(MSX compatible) very long time ago before the Nintendo Family Computer, when I were very very young. The computer is used for graphic learninng, actually it is programming which I turn out to understand after I grow up. I did played several MSX games on the SVI. Without any idea of choosing games, KING'S VALLEY and THE GOONIES are some of my favorite and I can still have very deep impressions and sweet memory to them nowadays. (^^;)

Konami Man knows very well in MSX games in which Gradius ones are his favourites. He started to play these games in 1987 and he did not stop yet! Belows are some of his experiences with MSX Gradius. Very great! And thanks to him!

Konami Man - AKA Nestor Soriano (^ ^)v

"It is a good MSX emulation(we're talking about the Playstation's Konami Antique MSX Collection CD-ROMs). Graphics are emulated perfectly... but sometimes the sound emulation sucks. For example the laser beam sound of Gradius 1 is really awful! Nothing to see with the one on the original MSX game! (^^!)

MSX Gradius saga was always quite independent from the general saga. Gradius 2 for MSX has nothing to see with Gradius 2 for other machines... nor with Gradius 1 for MSX apart from the same sprite for the ship! It is much better!! 8-) Gradius 2 is my favourite, and in fact I think it is the best game even made for the 1st generation of MSX computers.

By the way, the burning heat stage and power meter select are in Gradius 3 for MSX as you can see... but it is NOT Gradius 2 but 3. Actually, if you insert this game in a european MSX computer, the title appearing in the screen is not "Gofer no Yabou", but "Nemesis 3"! And all texts appears in english instead of japanese. The same occurs in Gradius 2 and Salamander.

You know that there is a beta version of Nemesis 2 for MSX, in which some stages and musics are different?? I guess Konami never released this version, but somehow it appeared in the MSX scene long time ago already!"

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