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Lastupdate: 2000/06/13
Lastupdate: 2000/10/31

Game Information

(C) KONAMI 1985
Release: 1985/05/29
Platform: Arcade
Storage: ROM
Play Select: 1-2 Players

Powerup Gauge: Speed Up | Missile | Double | Laser | Option | ?
Maximum level of Speed Up: 5
Maximum level of Missile: 1
Maximum level of Double: 1
Maximum level of Laser: 1
Maximum level of Option: 4
Maximum level of Shield: 1

Total number of stage: 7
Bonus: At 30000 PTS And Then Every 80000 PTS
HI: 57300 H.M

Game Ranking

Game Play:
Background Music:
Sound Effect:


Stage 1: Volcano
Stage 2: Stone Henge
Stage 3: Moai
Stage 4: Invert Volcano
Stage 5: Tentacle
Stage 6: Cell
Stage 7: Base


This is the earliest version of Gradius. The time is very long ago and I have no memory what I were doing when this game is released. If you missed this game too, just buy the Gradius Deluxe Pack (available for both the Saturn and Playstation) and you can play this game back.

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