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Fans' Art
Original Image, Screen

It's time to have a new look for your desktop !

The idea of the Fans' Art section is to collect images created by Gradius fans. Right now, all of the images included are created by me. These images are created or modified based on the concept from the original stuff including screen shots and official images etc. All of them are not designed for commercial purpose.
(Please let me know if you have your own art of Gradius!)

The Original Image section collects images found from the Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus CD-ROM. They were taken out without any modification/adjustment including colot tune, brightness or resolution etc., except that the file format is changed from BMP to JPG. For those of you who own this CD, there is no reason for you to download them. Those images can be found from inside the "OMAKE" directory of the disc. Again, all of the images provided in this site are for private and personal use only. They cannot be used in any kind of commercial purpose.
(I have looked for all the Gradius CD I own but only the Salamander disc contains images readable by personal computers.)

NEW! The third section Original Screen is created after I discovered that there is a button to hide the information in the Sound Test mode of PS2 GRADIUS III&IV ! This section contains original screen shots captured from inside the games. These images might have been optimized / modified in resolution, scale and brightness etc.